Sunday, April 15, 2012

ROW80 -Check in

Week 2 - second check in for ROW80.

Week one 4,200 words!
Week two 2,322 words!

Making my total 6,522!

I might have been able to do more, but I picked up my recently, self-pubbed and read it. I mean really read it for the first time, in a long time and I WAS HORRIFIED and embarrassed about the mistakes I found. It hurt. So for the first part of this week, I edited my book (again) and then updated the files. I imagine when I read it again in two months, (because now obviously I have to) that the process will repeat. 

When I did write, what did I work on? Organizing. I got some really great tips and tricks last week and I made up my own system.I color-coded the scenes on my mac (green - beginning, yellow - middle, red - end, gray -not so sure stuff) then I moved them into files based on the color. That alone made the task not so scary and more "doable." From there I started with the three scenes that I have for the very, very beginning and worked on bridging them together. I am not done with it, but plan on working on it today so hopefully the first draft, of the beginning, will be done for next week. 

What about you? What did you work on this week? 


  1. I found a few mistakes in my novella from last year...and I had the same burning face and cheeks. The latest novel I just published...well, I went crazy reading, reading, and re-reading so I wouldn't suffer the same awful my-gut-is-on-fire feeling. Ha!

    So far, I found only one extra period - and I'm not taking it down for that. So....much better results. I'm convinced that we get better as we go, that our eyes become more accustomed to 'seeing' the wrong things, that we become more diligent once we realize how easy it is to miss our mistakes.
    And...all in still managed an impressive word count! Looks like you had a good week.

  2. You got an awesome amount of writing done. Don't worry about mistakes, we all make them. Of course, I say that, but when I publish my novel, I'm sure I'll be reading over it and freak out.

  3. Great progress on word count! Very nicely done.

    Another writer friend of mine found several mistakes in her recently release ebook and was scrambling to correct them. I say that's the beauty of the ebook. You can tweak! Good plan to go back and check with fresh eyes.

    Have a great week!