Sunday, April 8, 2012

ROW 80 Check-in 1


My first check-in with ROW80!

I went on vacation so I had some time and I did awesome!

Week one 4,200 words!


I have been working on this book for a little bit now and feel I am ready to start piecing it together. I am a panster by nature, so I have multiple scenes from the start to the end but nothing really bridging them. So while on vacation, I noticed I am at that point. And man, am I overwhelmed about it. I forgot how hard it is. I have these "clear as day" scenes in my head but bridging them is very murky. Any suggestions on how to make it easier?


  1. Hi, Michelle! Nice to meet you.
    Oy! I wrote my first book by scenes - and then had to piece together later. It was a real challenge. I wrote a page with an 'order of events/scenes' (after I named the scenes). I left a page in between each one in case I decided to add extra scenes in. Then - I pieced them in and read - making notes where I felt something needed bridging or where there was a 'gap'. Oh! Best of luck with this project. But just think of how satisfying it will be when complete.

    Have a great week!

  2. Great job! You are so right, it's tough putting those clear scenes into words sometimes. But 4200 words! Awesome!

  3. Go, Michelle! I'm here cheering you on!