Sunday, November 17, 2013

Teaser time for Walker by me :)

Teaser Time for Walker! Let me know what you think! And don't forget to like my facebook page - I am going to be doing a giveaway on it soon!

I was in some sort of maze. Gray, cracked, stonewalls surrounded me. I was outside and the sky was dreary. Why couldn’t I find someone with happy dreams? I mean, really are all people’s psyche’s this messed up? 
I felt the pull for me to move to my left. I stood my ground unwilling to follow the pull. I wanted the dreamer to stop moving. But the more I stood there, I began to feel my skin itch. I gave in and wandered around the maze.
“Nick?” He didn’t appear after a few minutes. “Nick?” But I got nothing.
I continued to wander. I didn’t have a problem until I cam to a dead end and the dreamer kept moving. I tried to back track, fighting against the pull, but the maze was harder to maneuver of my own free will. My skin itched and pulled and pinched. I began to run, trying to make up the distance.
“Nick!” I needed Nick to get me out of here. “Nick!”
The pull continued attack my skin. I felt a rain drop on my upper lip. Great, it was going to rain now I thought. I ran more and more and felt another drop. I touched my lip and looked at my finger.
I stopped in my tracks. I touched my nose and found more blood on my hand. This wasn’t happening. It was not real. I was not actually bleeding. It was a dream. But the pull started again. I moved. I ran fast.
I came to a dead end almost with each turn. I could feel the blood drip out of my nose like a leaky faucet. I wanted to scale the walls. I wanted to get the dreamer to just stop moving, to make this feeling stop.
“Nick! Please!”
He was nowhere.
I needed to wake up.
“Wake up, Kate” I said out loud. “Fergie!”
I continued to run, until I felt a sudden pressure on my face.
“Fergie!” It had to be her. “Fergie! Come on girl!. Wake me up!”

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