Sunday, October 27, 2013

Teaser 2 for Walker by me :)

Teaser #2 for Walker

We debated about putting the kid who picked his nose on Facebook, and while Elise was all for it, I doubted she would actually do it. We talked about lunch, what people were saying about JCru, how I had obtained mild celebrity among those who JCru had wronged.
            Maybe the rumors she would spread wouldn’t get as far. We made a list of what she was going to spread about me:
1.     I had herpes and had given it to half the basketball team.
2.     I got kicked out of my old school because I was caught hooking.
3.     I not only was sleeping with the basketball team but half the male faculty.
4.     I liked to take ecstasy and loved putting out to it.
5.     I had a sixth toe and it was positively disgusting and made me a freak. 

Want to know who JCru is? 

Find out soon. Release date is December!