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In The Shadows Giveaway!

Hi friends! I would like to take this time to do showcase a dear friend of mine, Erica Cope. She released her sequel to her debut novel LARK this month. It's called In the Shadows. See blurb. 

Mia Carrington is struggling to come to terms with the fact that she killed a man, while trying to find a balance between her role as the Princess of the Light Elves and attempting to lead the life of a normal human teenager.

Too bad her dual life doesn't come with an instruction manual.

Just when she thinks that fate can't throw anything else at her, the Duchess Isobel is found on the brink of death and 
Mia’s boyfriend Jacoby is the only suspect.

Despite the suspicion surrounding him, Mia is sure of the innocence of the boy she loves and she is determined to prove it no matter the risk.

The problem is, the one thing that can save Isobel and clear Jacoby can only be found in the shadows of the Underworld.

Oh boy

And what a beautiful cover! And what a beautiful writer!!! 
Below is an interview with Greyson and Erica! Make sure to scroll all the way down for a chance to win a copy of In the Shadows!

Interview with Greyson St. Clair

Erica: Hi everyone! Grey and I are taking over Michelle's blog today. It seems that Grey has a lot of fans.

Grey: I wouldn't necessarily call them that.

Erica: Oh trust me, you have fans. Anyway, I compiled a list of questions from his fans and he's agreed to answer them. 

Grey: We better get started, it is almost time for my shift.

Erica: Is Mia still being guarded even now that she's living in the castle?

Grey: Of course she is, now that we know there was a traitor in the castle we can never be too careful with the Princess. 

Erica: Okay, well first question. What's your sign? 

Grey: I was born on December 20th so I believe that makes me  a Capricorn. Though I tend not to take that nonsense seriously. The whole compatibly based on when you were born seems unfair.

Erica: What do you look for in a girl? 

Grey: Ah, I haven't thought about this in long time. Let me ponder that for a moment...It's not as though I have had a lot of free time over the last 18 years to, well “date around” but I will say that I do prefer blondes. Though perhaps that's just because of a certain blonde I'm rather partial to. 

Erica: What three words would you use to describe yourself and why? 

Grey: 1)Reserved. I'm quite introverted.  2) Systematic. I prefer to think things though and plan over rushing into the unknown. 3) Devoted. My loyalty will never sway.

Erica: What do you like to do in your free time?

Grey:  I tend to spend what little free time I have in nature—especially the gardens in Álfheimr.  It is one of the only places I feel at peace in.

Erica: Are you in love with Mia?

Grey: I believe the answer to that question is pretty obvious.

Erica: When did you fall in love with her? 

Grey: I always kept my distance when she was growing up so I really didn't know her until she was in high school and I started working at the cinema alongside her. It was then that she became more than just an obligation to protect.  It's almost time for me to leave, is there anything else you need from me?

Erica: Yes, just one more question.....What will you do if Mia ends up with Jacoby? 
Grey: I can't answer that right now. I can only hope that things will work out the way there are meant to be.  And now I really must go. 

Erica: Thanks Grey! I'll talk to you later. 

Grey, do you think it’s too late?”
He nods sadly. “I’m sorry, Mia, but if they have her, I’m not sure if there is anything we can really do.”
The world distorts itself around me like a Fun House mirror, making me feel dizzy and nauseated. My lungs collapse in on themselves as the furious beating of my broken heart threatens to slam right out of my ripped open chest.
I—can’t—breathe,” I gasp as Grey pulls me into his arms and holds me close to his chest, whispering words that I don’t understand. My tears fall freely, staining his shirt with wet splotches but he doesn’t care, he continues to hold me tight, comforting me just like he has done before. I feel his lips press down on the top of my head and even though this sweet gesture is completely innocent, my stomach flips unexpectedly which in turn elicits a crashing wave of guilt that instantly squashes the butterflies that had suddenly been awakened by his simple touch, shredding their wings into powdery oblivion until they no longer have any semblance of beauty.
I like this scene because it's really the first time that Mia can't deny that she still has feelings for Grey--- despite her love for Jacoby. 
I remember what that was like, having different feelings for two different guys. It's confusing and frustrating and not fun at all. 
Mia realizes that she has to figure out if her feelings for Grey are the kind of residual feelings that you feel for your first love that never really go away no matter how much time passes or if what she feels for him is stronger than that."

Thanks for letting me take over Michelle's blog today and I hope you enjoyed getting to know Greyson a little better! You can find me on Facebook or my website (

And the giveaway!

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