Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NaNo stuff. - Because I can't come up with a better title.

NaNo has been going really well for me. I mean - I'm not right on target but I had a great weekend of writing.

Here's my run down of why I like NaNo
1. It makes you write.
2. The whole no editing thing just yet - VERY liberating.
3. A sense of community of ALL writers - not just genre based.
4. I may actually finish this novel.

If you are on NaNo - go friend me. Go on. Go do it.

I am a panster at heart - my writing visions jump from middle, to the bitter end, to the climax, to the beginning, to somewhere in the middle, back to the end, back to the beginning, and well you get the idea. It's the ADHD of writing.

For this novel - I have started at the beginning and have worked through. It's been different. Like - I know how I want the end scene to be. I keep it locked in my mind, replaying it so I don't lose the details.

But how is it going? I think it's going well. I mean no one has read it and it could be complete garbage BUT, its had one really good part. I want to get to those ADHD scenes, so I don't lose them, so I HAVE to push through scenes. It's motivating.

How's your NaNo going? What's your writing process?

PS. Stop over to Dash of you are a JLA fan.


  1. I am on track with my writing, am enjoying doing and am pleased with my storyline. Also 'meeting' some great fellow NaNoers. ;D
    Good luck with your project

  2. You are doing fabulous, Michelle! You're really getting those words done and it's great that you are motivated and are pushing through to get scenes done!

    Keep it up! I'm right here supporting you! <3

  3. Congrats for being on track Barmybex!
    Thanks Komal! I am hoping to have dream walker out before the baby!!