Friday, November 11, 2011

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey

The undead can really screw up your senior year ... 

Marrying a vampire definitely doesn’t fit into Jessica Packwood’s senior year “get-a-life” plan. But then a bizarre (and incredibly hot) new exchange student named Lucius Vladescu shows up, claiming that Jessica is a Romanian vampire princess by birth—and he’s her long-lost fiancé. Armed with newfound confidence and a copy of Growing Up Undead: A Teen Vampire’s Guide to Dating, Health, and Emotions, Jessica makes a dramatic transition from average American teenager to glam European vampire princess. But when a devious cheerleader sets her sights on Lucius, Jess finds herself fighting to win back her wayward prince, stop a global vampire war—and save Lucius’s soul from eternal destruction.

I read this book like two years ago, but since the sequel is finally coming out, I needed to brush up on what the book was about.  I am not one to re-read unless I am completely infatuated. I REALLY enjoyed the book the first one and still enjoyed the book the second time.

One thing I really like about this book this time around is that the vampires are not cuddly. Lucius (AKA stud) is very charming but there is something very dangerous about him and very lethal. He's not a tortured soul, loving a human. (mind you there was a time when I loved this scenario) Lucius is in PA to let Jessica know that she is actually a vampire princess. While her parents (adoptive) were very much aware of this and the fact one day Lucius would come, Jessica doesn't believe in vampires. Lucius stays and starts to charm the socks off of her.

He's honor-bound to fulfill a pact that was sign by both of their parents before they brutally hunted down. This marriage will join families and prevent war. Noble cause right. Who doesn't want to stop a war. Um, how about the senior mathlete who cannot wrap her head around the fact that vampires exist.

Jessica doesn't immediately fall for Lucius. She holds on to her crush at school. He's nice to her. He's nice to look at. But eventually Jessica just doesn't want nice. She wants the vamp. It's a progression and I like how she doesn't up and believe in vampires right away. She's also pretty gutsy at the end of the novel.

I have a question for everyone: If you were faced with the paranormal creatures (vampires, werewolves, trolls, or anything of the like) how would you react?


  1. I really loved this book and I can't wait for the sequel. Thank you for the review.

    As for your question, I have no idea! I like to read about paranormal beings, but I don't think I would like to meet any, doesn't sound safe, right?

  2. It seems that everyone loved this book. I bought it a while ago based on all the good reviews I've heard, otherwise I would have stayed away from it altogether.

    To answer the question you posted- I'd probably freak out. Not in a good way. I really wouldn't know how to react. Hopefully I wouldn't try to be Buffy and fight them off; I'd end up hurting myself. :P

  3. "aka STUD" haaaaaa! :) you crack me up! i loved this book. it was totally different, not what i was expecting. I think overall i just really like the fact that she didn't give into being a VP right away, you know? and her affection for Lucius was, say it with me, graduallll..... it wasn't insta-love or happen overnight.

  4. Someone else recently recommended this book to me. I'd never heard of it! Sounds like Jessica is a pretty hard-core character. I love that. I love your enthusiastic review. :)

    Molli at Once Upon a Prologue