Sunday, December 19, 2010

Still need a title :(

Done editing, for the third time! I vote to redefine the word editing. I would make it read "never ending process." :) But all very much worth it in the end.
Nadine, edited the book for me this time and I am giving it to a fellow teacher and one of my more advanced students. I think it is time for someone in the group I am targeting (adolescents) should read it. Here's hoping the reviews stay positive!
But, the point of this blog is to talk about title significance. I have been writing this book for over two years now and still am at a loss for a title. It's sad, I have the second book's title picked out but am very hesitant about the one. It sets the tone. It draws people in! What if I pick the wrong one?!
I recently went over title significance in my senior class and how it helps let a reader know what to expect from the text and for the first time, I am feeling the weight of this.

I still need a title!

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