Friday, September 20, 2013

Teaser to Walker - my new novel.

Well folks - my next book is going to be out in December!! Yep - I finally got back to publishing/writing. I recently finished the first round of edits and found some spark so in leiu of that I am giving you a teaser into my soon to be - latest - novel.

The title you ask? We will call it Walker for now (Like that K?)

Here ya go! Let me know what ya think!

            She snapped out of her thoughts, “What’s up Kid?”
            “Um-“ I hesitated and bought myself some time by chewing on my fingernail.
She waited and so did I.
            “Oh come on, Kate. Spit it out.”
            I looked at her; she relaxed back on to the couch and folded her hands over her pregnant belly. It was just a tiny bump, but the baby was definitely showing itself.            
I wanted to run and shut her out again. We had been doing really well, but what if she thought I was nuts. I mean, there was a chance I was nuts.  She had taken me in.  I am sure it wasn’t easy for a 22 year old, soon to be mother, recently orphaned woman to take on their depressed 16-year-old sister, but she had. I owed her something and if she thought I was crazy after it, then so be it.
            And I went to speak but again, I was lost for words.
            “Kate, really? I mean, it’s not like you are going to tell me you can walk into other people’s dreams,” she paused, locking eyes with me. “or something crazy like that, are you?”
            I couldn’t respond to her.
            How had she known?
            “I was wondering if you were like me.”
            “What?” was all I could choke out.  I sat down on the steps.
            “Yeah, sorry Kid, but it looks like you take after Mom and me.”


  1. Oh wow! Glad to hear you have a book coming out. And Cool! I like the dreams idea. :) Congrats!

  2. Thanks Melissa! Its good to hear from you. hope all is well. :)