Friday, July 19, 2013

Catch - It's an app!

Have you ever been smack table in the middle of a WIP and this great idea for ANOTHER book pops into your brain? And your brain starts to work out the characters, snippets of dialogue, the setting? This happens to me all the time, especially when it comes to dialogue. I can come up with some great conversations in my head. No, I'm not crazy; I'm a writer.

But my current WIP! I can't stop now! I'm on a roll. But if I don't start writing this other book, I'm going to forget this great one liner, this description. CROSSROADS. 


The app is called Catch. 

I love this app for the following reason:
1. It's an app so it's on my phone - always handy! In school, in the car, middle of restaurant, anywhere.
2. It records your voice. So you know how your mind works faster than your fingers can type. Well, no problem there. I have tons of sounds bytes with my voice dictating EXACTLY what I want. 
3. Tons of sounds bytes? Not a problem - I organize all of my recordings based on the WIP. Catalogued. Check!
4. I can type an idea if I need to.
5. I'm pretty sure you can do something with pictures or icons - I haven't done anything with this - but thought I should mention it.
6. You can use it for other things to - lists, work stuff, etc. I do use my only for writing - but someday I may expand.
7. When I'm ready, it's ready. I don't lose any of those great ideas that I am 100% positive will not be edited out later... (HA! Right.) 

That's my app. What app do you use to help you in the writing process? 

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