Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Indie Author Visit - Jennifer Phillips Russo

My school district had the great pleasure of having Jennifer Phillips Russo come to our school and give a presentation. Jennifer was vivacious, articulate and had a great message for our students. She really pushed that no matter what you want to achieve, you can do it. She told an antidote about her kids. They told her that they couldn’t fly. She told them that they could invent jet fuel packs that could make them fly. This was great for all our kids. I also have several students who want to be writers and have started writing their own books – I know – a teacher’s dream. She was very inspirational.

And my students? They were engaged. We went to a Q and A portion, and there was a brief moment when I was like: Please no crickets! But Jennifer had fully engaged them. They asked questions until the bell!

So what does Jennifer write? Middle Grades fantasy.  Here is her blurb!
Eleven year old boy, Giovani, feels smothered by three younger sisters and drowning in their Sea of Pink. Bored with ordinary life, his only escape is to journey into imaginary adventures, while longing for real companionship away from all things frilly. On his twelfth birthday, his eccentric Aunt bestowed upon him a mysterious gift that she thought he was finally old enough to handle; it changed his life forever. Immediately he was thrust into a curious world that has always been there in the shadows, protecting him, so that one day Giovani might help protect them. For over one thousand years, his bloodline has been part of an elite order that has fought against evil, and now, ready or not, it was his turn. His new reality full of adventures with dragons, elves, and magic await his arrival. Evil forces threaten his family’s existence and have already killed others. The Order needs his help. It is his birthright; his duty. How will he handle his new found responsibility and quest? Will he rise to the challenge or sink back into the Ordinary?

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