Monday, January 28, 2013

Melissa De La Cruz

Back in 2007, I got a book in the mail (from the first blog I followed). It was Revelations by Melissa De La Cruz. But little did I know that there were two books before this series and I had NO idea it was a vampire book. So - I quickly ordered the first two and read them.

And two days ago, I finished Gates of Paradise, the final installment of the Blue Bloods series. It was bitter sweet because I knew that I was saying good bye to Schulyer and Jack. A couple I have been following for SIX years. That's longer than most relationships.

But what about Melissa gave her such staying power?  I mean what makes an author so good, that the reader stays with them, even after the fad ends? Well, I am not sure how they do it, but I know what makes me "stay".

  1. Consistent characters.
  2. A plot line that doesn't go off on to twenty different tangents but continues to move in a good direction 
  3. A love interest, where you really want them to succeed 
  4. Background information that is plausible - In Melissa's case - took the vampire myth and tied in the Roanoke mystery. 
  5. A good villain - someone you really hate - first Mimi, then Lucifer. 
If you are a vampire fan, which let's face it, vampire have staying power for me -I blame my mother for letting me watch the Winona Ryder Dracula movie - then I suggest you pick up the series, if you haven't already. 

What do you think gives staying power to authors?

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