Sunday, December 9, 2012

One Manuscript, Two Beta Readers

So maybe you've noticed I haven't been posting as much? Not too many reviews? Not to many ramblings about my confusion in the writer's world?

1. I'm pregnant and people were not kidding when they said I would be tired.
2. NaNo kind of burned me out.
3. I've been editing volume 2.
4. I started volume 3 - not going so hot.
5. I'm really going to focus on turning this into an author's blog - so a lot less reviews unless I feel I hit a land mine.

BETA readers - I heart Beta readers, especially mine.

Recently, Komal and Joe read volume 2. Komal got done with it in a few weeks and Joe got done at the beginning of this month. I had never given a manuscript to two people at once. Normally, I give it to one, edit, give it to someone else, edit, give it to someone else, edit, etc. It was the first time the same manuscript went to two people. I was insistent on waiting for both to be completed to edit, for simple tracking reasons. If Komal found a major error and I fixed it five or six spots, that would throw all of Joe's edits off. So I waited.

I have mixed feelings about two beta readers and the same manuscript. While it was a great feeling when I would flip through multiple pages with no edits, or they picked up on the same thing, reaffirming a need for a change - I kept wondering, if I had let one do it first, would the second have picked up on something else. You love and cherish your beta readers, you don't abuse them, and have them constantly re-reading your work.

Would I do it again? Probably.


  1. This is something that I find myself wondering more and more- so I'm glad to hear that your experiences with two at once has been overall quite beneficial!

  2. Hopefully I can put your mind at some ease. I would happily read your work as many times as you like. You've created great characters, an engaging story, and, honestly, added something new to the Vampire genre that I haven't encountered elsewhere. And anyone who reads this post/comment is wondering what that "new" is, I strongly suggest you buy Michelle's book to find out and stay tuned for the sequel. Best

  3. Well, hope all works out for you. And again Congrats on baby! :D And it'll get better. You might even get a sudden burst in energy in last trimester or even in last month. :) Take care dear!!

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