Thursday, February 2, 2012

Insanity workout

At my school we are doing this weight loss, get yourself in shape competetion. I am not someone who needs to lose weight as I am someone who might keel over and die if I were being chased by zombies for an extended period of time. Zombies don't tire. We have been using the calorie counting website It's a great place for all of us to leave encouraging messages, log our weight, food and calories, and get swallowed up again by another social media... = facebook for calorie counters.

Now, I always swore up and down that I would never be a calorie counter. Hello, my name is Michelle Flick and I am a calorie counter. I eat probably the same weight in food but way better for me and throughout the day instead of just lunch and dinner.

My friend Lauren and I have been working really hard, especially her, about exercise. Well, my friend Heather gave me the Insanity workout CDs. 60 days and you have a banging, fit, toned bod. Sign me up. I leave for Cozumel in 60 days.

So we started with the fit test. It is so you can log how you are body is improving strength wise. You are suppose to push yourself for each minute long exercise (workout also include warm up, cool down, and stretching). Below you will see a transcript of me reaction during each minute.

No way.
Son of -
It hurts!
Why does it hurt?
He's hott.
How long is a minute.
Good sweet Jesus.
It hurts!

Oh my God. It hurt so bad. But I WILL succeed.

Real reason I'm doing this? If you do the challenge you get a free t-shirt that says: "Insanity" on the front and "I earned it" on the back

What is your opinion about working out?

Have you ever done Insanity or PX90?


  1. I have done P90X and Slim in Six. I was going to try Insanity, but joined my local gym and now do their crossfit/gymnazo workouts (which is slightly similar to insanity just a tad harder). I've lost tons of weight and have started seeing toned muscles I never knew existed!

    Good luck and most of all, have fun with it!!

  2. I finished two rounds of Insanity. It's insane!! And it doesn't get easier the second time around. I loved my results though.

  3. "It hurts!
    Why does it hurt?
    He's hott.

    LMFAO!! :D
    Hve never tried either of those programs, don't think I want too!

    1. It hurts fact sometimes my legs give out. Glad you laughed :)