Monday, January 17, 2011

Qurey Letters

If writing a novel wasn't hard enough, you ad the Q. Letter. I'm at that point where I should start writing it. I have talked to several friends about this done research on the net, and picked up a few books and you would think with all that information, it wouldn't be so hard... OMG, it is far more difficult than writing my manuscript!

The first part of a Q letter is a concise one-liner that sums up your novel, (yeah, 99,849 words broken-down into twenty words. I have 6 possibles that I have sent to Nadine, but I know she's going to point out something that I should include, which means starting at square one at the one-liners.

With all my research and my knowledge of English, I know how important the Q. Letter is. I know how perfect it needs to be, how it needs the WOW element, and that it is the first impression and agent, publisher, and editor will get of your and your writing style.

It's super hard.
In fact, I would categorize it as unbelievably hard.

I did find this website, AgentQuery, to be helpful. I liked the voice of the website and how they gave examples and links to other sources.

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