Monday, November 1, 2010

Second Draft Done and Making a Difference

The second major revision of my book is done. It took all summer and part of fall to do, minus the months of August and September because of the house, but it is finally done! Well, this section, at least. I finally have a full understanding of when people say "A piece of writing is never done." I mean, when I first finished the novel, I really thought it was ready for the editors. Stephanie Meyer, look out, I was going to be on Forbes too! Haha, OK maybe that was bit over-reaching for my first book. But, I really thought, I was in good shape. It is with this second draft, that I know Nadine is going to send it right on back to me with errors and gaps in it, and once I fix that Marie is going to turn right around and do it too! But that is OK. It's the process.

On a side note, I just received a text message from a former student and her college English professor told her she was the best writer in the class, that she was only person who knew how to cite correctly, and to thank me for doing a good job! I am very proud of Christian and also a little proud of myself!

Stemming from that, Christian participated (probably unknowingly) in one of my favorite activities: Make a Difference. It's where a person tells another person how they have made a difference in his/her life. It really does go along way!!!

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