Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's that time of year... my favorite time of year... it's time for the first few weeks of SCHOOL! Yes, I truly enjoy this time of the year. I love getting all my new school supplies, like I was five years old again. There is something about a new notebook with no pages torn, no scribbles in it. And a new pen! How many wonderfully stressful things will I write!?

I'm refreshed and ready to dive into new units and see the familiar faces of my students in
the halls of Ripley. Though high schoolers can be tough, they have an uncanny ability to make me smile a
nd brighten my day!

I did read a few new books in the last week and wanted to take a minute to post about them. The first was a book called Ruined by Paula Morris. This was a great supernatural story that did not have to do with vampires. I thought it captured the "outsider" well and reminded us about New Orleans and the culture that is found there. The ending, though I won't spoil it, was quick. It "vanishes." I would say it was a 31/2 star book.

Another one was Incareron by Catherine Fisher. It's a new Big Brother theme book. It is very imaginative and so well planned the world that Fisher developed. It is most impressive. It does drag at the
end but I needed to know how it ended. The main heroine of the story is bossy, determined, and intelligent. You can't help but want her to succeed against the forces that are trying to control her. And the hero! His identity is predictable but he has a soft, caring heart and you want him to assume his rightful identity.

The last one I am going to mention is my favorite! Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick . This book involves a
new favorite supernatural topic f mine, angels. And Patch, the main character's love interest, oh, he's perfect! Yes, I secretly love him. Fitzpatrick weaves a great story, involves several great twists and left angry that I would have to wait for the sequel! It was very captivating! I mean, LOOK AT THAT COVER! One down side, the main character's best friend is too predictable and very expected. I will say it was the best summer read for me this year. 41/2 star

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