Saturday, July 10, 2010

Making "the old", "the new"

I have recently become interested in antiques and reupholstering... In my Aunt Becky's attic, I found this! A beautiful rocker that she gave me! Currently, I'm in the process of sanding. Good lord, is that time consuming. I think what I am going to do is sand it down, leave the green in the crevices and put a brown or maroon cushion for the seat... any vote on that? Also, I am going to stain it. Eventually I would like to paint it white, but Brad was right, it does look nice sanded down. It's great knowing that I am doing something for my house! It is going too look beautiful on my stone front porch with the white columns.

Another find was in my upstairs, Uncle Mike and Aunt Amy gave Brad a very comfortable pink chair that doesn't match the decor of my new house. Lauren, my expert, is helping me reupholster. We found a beautiful tan cloth a design of multiple blues. I love it!!! We are currently taking this chair apart. There are tons of staples in it but it is beautifully done! Look at all the detail that went into this chair? And now Lauren and I are ripping it apart!

New hobby? I think so! New side business, maybe? Not right now though :)

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