Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer vacation is finally here... kind of?

I spend all year keeping my head above water with my classes while trying to incorporate all the new things I am learning and think would benefit my students. Any teacher who is like this know how exhausting this is (but very worth it). This year I was the senior class advisor and that means putting on Class Night and helping with Graduation (again, exhausting). It ended at 12:30 for me and at 4:34, I am already wondering how I will spend my summer.
And, buried deep inside me, I already know. I am going to work on both personal and professional development. I am going to focus on writing and how I can help my students write more and better. I am going to read as many books as I possibly can so that I can suggest and converse with my students. I am going to plan new lessons that hopefully will "ooh" and "ah" my students and administration. I am going to go to several workshops to see what everyone else is doing because I feel that is the number one way to improve, plus I will surf the net to see as well.
Summer vacation is another way to say get ready for next school year. It is a good thing, I know and it will only make me better (right?).
So, the first thing, finish the edits Marie sent me on my book. Second thing expand and condense the book. I imagine something like an accordion when I say that. :)

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