Monday, April 12, 2010

Beginning of Blogging

I finally broke down and created a blog. I have been following other people's and know that this is going to be a great avenue to find out more about topics of my interest and help others find information that I can offer.

I am currently an aspiring author who is in the process of editing. It is an overwhelming process and there are tons of tips and pieces of advice out there. I do have wonderful support through my friends Ellen and Nadine. I find it is a huge comfort that I had two friends who were willing to invest their time in my dreams. If I have learned anything yet, I would say that having someone you trust read your book to do some fine tuning, is something you should take advantage of. My book was so clear in my head but these two ladies picked out gaps and made great suggestions to improve my story.

If anyone else has a tip for me to help my book process move along, please let me know.

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